Let’s show your audience that you're the one for them — their flavour, their style, their brand.

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Whether you're at the beginning of your business journey or navigating a strategic pivot, I'm here to support you in crafting an authentic brand identity that connects in all the right ways. From building desire for your brand to outshining competitors, establishing a solid brand foundation pays off time and time again.

Based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, I work across a range of industries both locally and internationally.


The Now or Never Brand Package

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This comprehensive brand package is like the perfect starting point for new adventures or seasoned brands looking to redefine their identity. Beyond the essential elements like logo design, brand guidelines, and marketing materials, this package capture’s your brand’s personality and demonstrates how your identity functions as a cohesive system.

From showcasing how your identity seamlessly comes together to defining your aesthetic with layout, color palette, image style, and typography choices, consider this package your creative playground for confidently and professionally marketing yourself.


Branding Process

Initiation and Deposit

Ready for a fresh new brand? Amazing! To kick start each project, a 50% deposit is required along with signing the terms and conditions. This ensures seamless scheduling, preventing overlaps, and guarantees every client receives the highest quality of service.

Branding Consultation

We start with a branding consultation to deeply understand your business, discussing your product/service, goals, strategy, and style. This insight guides the creation of custom graphic identities, brand materials, and websites that reflect your brand's personality.

Creative Direction and Presentation

Once we've established a solid creative direction, it's time to dive into brand development. I work with your brief in mind to create and deliver one or two strong, comprehensive brand identities. The presentation will include all aspects of the brand look including logo, typography, palette and collateral material mockups so you can visualise how the design will be applied in real life.

Feedback, Revisions & Approval

At this stage your feedback on the design and direction is pivotal. I'll then meticulously refine and revise the concept based on your input, ensuring that every adjustment brings us closer to a result that truly excites you. After completing up to 2 rounds of revisions, all approved design files, deliverables, comprehensive brand guidelines and logo usage guidelines, are packaged and delivered to you

Launch and Celebration

Time to launch and celebrate! I will provide you with launch graphics to help unveil your brand to the world. Then...celebrate the best way you know how!

Follow-up and Support

After the brand reveal and launch, my commitment to your brand doesn't end there. I believe in providing ongoing support to ensure everything is running smoothly and to address any questions or concerns you may have. I'll check in periodically to see how things are going and to offer assistance as needed, ensuring your brand continues to thrive beyond the initial launch.


Smaller timeline, project or budget?


Design Days are tailor-made for enthusiastic business owners who are eager to dive in and kickstart their projects without letting budget constraints hold them back. Design Days are perfect for basic brand identities, small websites, stationery design, social templates, pricing guides, info pdfs, website updates and more. You’ll be surprised with what we can achieve in just one day.

The Design Day is an 8-hour day of design aimed at fulfilling your design wishlist. Professional designs are delivered in real-time, eliminating any budget surprises. What's not to love about that?

To find out if you're a good fit for a Design Day, hit the link below.


Kelsey Collective Testimonial
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Many business owners struggle with their brand design, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by its impact on their success. If you:

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⤬  Feel you could be missing opportunities because your brand design appears amateur

⤬   Spending a lot of time producing lacklustre DIY design

⤬    Worry that your brand look is not representing you well

⤬   Know your brand is lacking but not sure how to take it to the next level

⤬ Lack direction, clarity or strategy in your business and its visuals

Tell me where you’d like to take it, and I’ll guide you there.

Discover if we're the perfect match by exploring my site and services. If my style resonates with you, take the next step: fill out the contact form with your project details and we will discuss your project via email, phone or Zoom. Receive and approve your proposal and let's get started!