Wander + Wild

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Wander + Wild is a wholesome, adventurous and passionate small business that inspires kiddos (and their loved ones) to #findthewild through their timeless, earth-inspired outdoor wear. The focus of their products is to bring people together in natural settings, nurturing a sense of connection and deep respect for the extraordinary planet we call home. To be invited to be a part of this project was an honour.

Working with the brief from owners Kirsty and Rani I set about putting together a brand identity that would work across their range of outdoor apparel, accessories and packaging. I created a timeless typographic logo that flexes between horizontal, vertical or stamp layouts depending on the application but most proudly on the outer of their kids gumboots. A brand icon sits neatly in small areas like the boot tags to add a playful touch and to solidify the brand's identity. Finally, a range of four nature inspired patterns were designed to line the inner of their cute as a button boots.