Casa Bohemia logo

Casa Bohemia

Casa Bohemia is an interiors and textiles brand that thoughtfully explores texture, history, culture and colour. They explore and fuse these elements together to create rich and intriguing interior spaces.

From bohemian embroidery to Romani jewelry, there was so much inspiration to draw from to create their brand identity. The logo and brand illustrations are full of meanings and interpretations from these sources which makes for an interesting and soulful brand.

For this project Completed for this project was their logo, a selection of custom illustrations, brand collateral such as swing tags and tote bags and an online storefront.

Casa Bohemia moodboard and label design
Casa Bohemia hammock
Casa Bohemia polaroid design
Casa Bohemia Swing tag design
Woman with flower in hair illustration for Casa Bohemia
Flower illustration for Casa Bohemia
Casa Bohemia monogram
Casa Bohemia palm tree, arch and stairs illustration
black and white candles labels design
Casa Bohemia entry way
Black and white note card and envelope designed for Casa Bohemia