Andrea Williams


Receive support, feedback and actionable advice on how to refine and improve your business and brand image.

Building a business all on your lonesome can be tough and tiring work. Wearing all the hats and making all the decisions on your own can lead to overwhelm, fatigue and a lack of confidence in direction. As a small business owner, I understand that feeling of overwhelm perfectly!

We can bounce ideas off friends and family but in the end, it's expert guidance and practical advice we need to help us move our business up to the next level. This is why I am so pleased to be offering one-on-one support for small business owners who struggle with their brand strategy, design and direction.

Private consultations are a chance to invest in yourself and save time by quickly diagnosing and finding solutions to your problems. Get ahead by booking a consultation today.

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  • Worry that your brand's visuals are not representing you well
  • Know your brand is lacking but you're not sure where or how to take it to the next level
  • Feel uneasy when directing someone to your website
  • Don't know how to keep your brand strong and cohesive
  • Lack direction, clarity or strategy in your business and its visuals
  • You're spending more time than you'd care to admit questioning and tweaking your brand's look and feel
  • Compare your business to competitor's and despair

Consult outcomes

Each consultation is 1.5 hours devoted purely to helping you find greater clarity and specific solutions to your problems.

We'll discuss and dissect your most pressing concerns. The ones you revisit over and over! We can talk about specifics like your website or brand visuals, or we can discuss the bigger picture and talk through your business and brand as a whole. Finding direction, confidence and your point of difference are all common topics in these consultations. We'll uncover what’s working and where there is room for growth or improvement. But most important of all, I will give you my professional advice and an action plan for overcoming your confusion and concerns. You will have direction to help you find confidence and pride in your brand's look and feel.




  • After booking you will receive a questionnaire that gives me an insight into your business, your brand's design and any current areas of concern so I am ready to help you from the first minute.
  • Consultations are either in-person (in Caloundra QLD), via Skype or phone and last 1.5hrs.
  • You will receive a written summary of our conversation and my recommendations in note form.
  • You rejoice in the new level of clarity you have with your business and branding design!
  • I will follow up with you after 3 weeks to see how you are progressing and address any follow up questions.


Andrea from Now or Never Design

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